Our organizational practice is based on three main objectives: Firstly, to provide a platform for environmental education and discussion, secondly to promote active steps towards ecological conservation, and thirdly, to further the practice of sustainable agriculture and traditional ways of living.

We invite you to visit us in our educational facility in the High-Bakony region of Hungary! We are in the process of building a seven-hectare agricultural farm, where we intend to showcase the virtues of organic farming to anyone who is interested. Our grounds include an herb garden, which contains many plants with medicinal properties, as well as a vegetable garden that serves as an exemplar of companion planting. Furthermore, you can also visit our extensive fruit orchard, which holds many local species, and our large herd of sheep that roam our fields.

Along with a team of extremely dedicated volunteers, we are able to work towards creating a “Whole Earth”. In other words, we aim to enrich nature and every living creature in it­ –rather than rob it of its natural resources– through our actions and mindset, which ultimately serves the purpose of creating a more sustainable society.

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Bálint Bombay


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Tax number: 19263164-2-19 

Bank account: OTP Bank, 11742094-20120588-00000000
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Our educational facility–the Breuer László Conservational Educational Center and Nature School– is located in the heart of the Old-Bakony, in the little village of Pénzesgyőr, with a population of merely a couple hundred people. It is here that we eagerly await groups interested in learning more about nature, avid hikers or anyone wanting to get away from the stresses of the big city.

We have two well equipped buildings, which can accommodate 50 people, but there is also ample opportunity to pitch a tent in our gardens if preferable. Our buildings are fully accessible, with adjustable heating systems, a kitchen, and a bathroom each; all of which can be used independently, if needed. The two buildings overlook a large garden, where there is opportunity to bake bread in our outdoor oven, prepare meals in a cauldron over a campfire, or simply sit around a campfire on benches and tables located both under the porch roof and fully outside, under the starry sky.